With carbs constantly getting a bad rep from the health & nutrition world, I want to first put out there that WE ALL NEED CARBS! Carbs are great! Carbs help us live our busy lives, by keeping up full of energy to get through the day. Yet, when we eat too many carbs, our bodies pay for it. We feel sluggish, unmotivated, cloudy headed and unable to power through the day. A low carb diet is to rid your diet of the typical carbs such as rice, pasta, bread and leave natural carbs to energize your body. Carbs are in all fruits and vegetables, lentils, beans, quinoa and fats. When your body only takes in natural carbs, they can process them and burn them easier than carbs that are processed. 

How it works? Every Monday and Thursday you will receive a delivery of fully prepped and packaged meals. The meals will be breakfast, lunch and dinner with two sets of snacks as well. The meals will be labeled by order of which to eat. This is a full 2 week commitment to help you better understand your body and what works best for your body. There will be an option of 1 week meals at the end of the challenge to help you slowly adjust your body back to eating carbs. Most diets do not work because once the diet is over, people tend to go back to their original eating habits. That is why this challenge is based on LIFE STYLE over diets. There will be no cheat meals, but there will be cheat tips on how to maintain a low carb lifestyle while at parties, or at the office or sitting at home. 

Sample Menu:

Day 1-

Breakfast- roasted red pepper, spinach and feta  eggs with tahini

Lunch- Tuna salad with 1 tsp of mayo, celery, apples, walnuts and cranberries

Dinner- Zucchini noodles and chicken with a cashew mushroom sauce

Day 2-

Breakfast- Quinoa cocoa muffins with fruit salad

Lunch- Chicken egg fried "rice", substitute the rice for peppers, broccoli, zucchini and carrots

Dinner- Black bean, corn, quinoa Mexican salad with salsa on the side

Day 3-

Breakfast- Feta and broccoli egg muffins

Lunch- Zucchini noodles, home made tomato sauce and chicken breast

Dinner- Steamed broccoli, garlic tilapia with roasted pumpkin seed pesto 

Price: 1,500 shekels for the full 2 weeks including delivery twice a week

Delivery- Monday and Thursday between 6:30-7:30

Rules and regulations: The menu will be sent in the beginning of the week to each participant. Changing of a specific meal is available upon request. Each meal will be labeled in which order to eat to keep freshness and quality the highest possible. Payment is due for the full 2 weeks before the day of the first delivery. Refunds are not available. Dietary restrictions will be met as best as possible.


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