Deborah:​ I'm trying lately to eat healthier and I'm also doing a lot of sport. I was looking for a food alternative that could allow me to have enough energy to keep the day as well as my evening sport session. What Alyssa has proposed me is exactly what I needed ! The meals are full of flavors and nutritionally balanced. And the most important : I'm not frustrated at all which usually happens when I'm focusing on eating healthy. The offer Alyssa is providing is really service oriented and she's trying to satisfy all my needs. Eating healthy has become a pleasure with her.

Saphia:  Alyssa gave me a great solution for my 4 year old daughter for lunches at gan instead of school catering. I was looking for healthy and tasty food at a affordable price. She really adapts herself to the clients needs. Everything she prepares is tasty, fresh and original and she invest herself in the packaging and the explication on every dishes. Most important: my daughter loves it and she appreciate the special meals that Alyssa cooks to her!

Yael: Super convenient!  Alyssa provides me with 5 toddler meals a week, which my daughter loves. I would never have the time to prepare such a variety of healthy, tasty food for her during the week, and Alyssa does it all with a smile.  She's very accommodating and happy to make changes in accordance with my feedback.  Would definitely recommend Alyssa's toddler meal plan for any busy on-the-go parent who nevertheless wants to provide healthy home made food for their toddler."

Arianna:​ Alyssa came to save my life! I'm getting married in a month and it was really impossible for me to eat as healthy as a should. Alyssas food is amazing super healthy and tasty! The portions have the perfect sizes, not to be hungry like in a normal boring diet! Thank you alyssa for helping me loose this 4 kilos and be the bride that I want to be!

Julia: Alyssa's cooking is not only very tasty but also healthy. She pays attention to make her food nutritious and diverse, using always carbs and protein in the right amount. Eating meals made by her, I feel a lot of love in my tummy. :)

Michelle:​ Alyssa is such a sweetheart! The food is amazing, fresh and healthy. It saved me so much time to just put it in the microwave and it's done. I don't have to worry about cooking any meal. I can take the time to do other things instead of cooking. To add to that that Alyssa is always making sure that the food is the best quality and that her customers are satisfied with it. 
She is great and the food it's the best! I'm so happy with my meal plans! :)

Alonn: I've been one of Alyssa's customer for more than half a year now and I really need to tell you that her dishes are awesome and I get surprised every week over and over again. Her cooking is healthy and so diverse, plus it saves me a lot of time and I don't have to waste my time in the kitchen and thinking about what to prepare as a next meal, As a student, it really allows me to focus on my studies and at the same time to discover a lot of new dishes freshly made and so tasty! Great side effect is that it's also a healthy diet and combined with sport I managed to lose weight as well! I can recommend gourmet to anyone who feels a bit lost when it comes to food preparing and who appreciates good food made by a lovely person!

Heather: I've been working with Alyssa for the past year and a half. Through out the year Alyssa has cooked many different and delicious dishes for me. Not only that Alyssa has helped me many times advising me on  nutrition and has given me healthy and creative recipes that I cooked for myself and friends. I highly recommend  her catering for anyone who is looking for tasteful , creative and healthy dishes .

Alan: I have been working with Alyssa for a few months and have noticed a huge improvement in my overall fitness, mood, and wallet most importantly! She is not only a great bargain, but she saves me a great deal of time on having to cook my own, not so tasty food each day. Alyssa constantly outdoes herself and is always learning new dishes. One of Alyssa’s biggest strengths in my opinion is her ability to customize her weekly menu based on my likes/dislikes. She’s amazing! I can confidently recommend her to all of my friends and I give her a big 2 thumbs up!

Amit: Alyssa's food is healthy, affordable and delicious. She's super nice and easy to communicate with. Getting all my food from Alyssa is awesome. I highly recommend her.

Emily:  I used Gourmet TLV for about two months and I found Alyssa's services and food to both be fantastic! All of the dishes Alyssa made were delicious and healthy and I really enjoyed picking up my package twice a week to see what exciting meals were had ahead of me. Alyssa is a sweet girl, a great businesswoman, and an excellent chef. I highly recommend Gourmet TLV!

Yoel- I have been using Alyssa's gourmettlv services for several months now and I'm very happy. The food is high quality, fresh, delicious and healthy. Beyond the food, Alyssa is very professional, responsive and reliable. Deliveries are on time, and pricing is definitely reasonable. It's quite noticeable that Alyssa cares a lot about her product and about her customers. Overall, I strongly recommend gourmettlv.

Ariella- Alyssa is amazing! She is crazily accommodating to my very special diet needs and is always doing her best to make delicious food. She’s kind, patient, and her prices are fair! Plus the food is delivered, so you get high quality at your doorstep. I’d recommend Alyssa 100 times over! She’s a lifesaver

Rick- Used this service for 6 months and it was the best 6 months of my life. Every meal was absolutely delicious! I have used services like this throughout the US for the past 15 years and have never came across one of this quality. I highly recommend!

Bruno- Professional, delicious and healthy made to measure vegan meals from quality ingredients. Alyssa will go out of her way to meet your expectations. Friendly, personalised service, with flexible plans for a very reasonable price. Thank you Alyssa!

June 1, 2017

Who doesn't LOVE pizza? 

Who doesn't ever want to live with out pizza?

Who thinks that eating pizza will destroy your diet?

Don't worry...

The key to eating healthy with out depriving yourself is to be open to trying new things. I will not kid you and tell you that this pi...

June 1, 2017

I am not sure how many of my readings will be America, but for all of you who are, how freaking excited were you to come here and realize you can get avocado on EVERYTHING for no extra charge! (In your face Chipotle) Coming to Israel as a complete newbie and a complete...

June 1, 2017


How do I feel about running…

This morning was the first time in my life that I really went for a run. It’s funny because I have probably said “I went for a run” at least a hundred times in my life. Today was the day that I was able to feel like those corny runni...

June 1, 2017

After my trial weekend was done, I felt like I was on top of the world. Finally, I did something useful with my culinary degree, something I love to do and on top of it, I was able to make 4 people very happy. I started small, with 2 clients for a trail run to see what...

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