Menu options include:

3 meals & snack/ 5 days a week                                            700₪

3 meals a day/ 5 days a week                                                650₪

Lunch & Dinner & Snack/ 5 days                                           550₪               

Lunch & Dinner/5 days a week                                              500₪

Lunch & Snack/ 5 days a week                                              300₪

Family meals & Shabbat meals available! 

All meals come individually packaged.

Some are available in food prep form.

Sides can be switched upon request.

Other meal plans are available on request.

Meals can be made vegetarian or vegan


Pick up in the center of TLV, delivery is possible for a 30₪ fee.


Pick up/ deliveries are either Sunday & Tuesday

or Monday & Thursday depending on availability.


*cancelation of meal plans must be told by Thursday of the week before*

*This is a SAMPLE menu. After becoming a customer, a new menu will be sent out weekly to keep meals exciting and fun!

Lunch/ Dinner

1. Vietnamese fresh noodle salad with lime chicken
2. Spicy chicken and sweet potato bowl with avocado
3. Cauliflower pizza
4. Asian Chicken and zucchini over rice
5. Spiced chicken with cauliflower Mexican rice (sauteed peppers, onion, garlic and chili pepper)
6. Smoothie bowl meal replacer: low sugar low carb protein smoothie bowl with superfood toppings on the side
7. Avocado toast made from homemade almond flour bread /avocado/ fresh tomato and basil

with a side of roasted cauliflower and Tahini
8. Honey mustard chicken and roasted carrots, over broccoli rice

9. Spicy cauliflower bowl with avocado, quinoa, and chickpeas 
10. Peanut sauce over Thai cabbage and glass noodle salad 
11. Honey lime tilapia with carrots and cauliflower over rice
12. Chicken with sauteed garlic, carrots, mushrooms and rice  
13. Cauliflower pizza
14. Singapore noodle salad with curry powder, peas, corn and chicken

15. Coconut lime chicken with cauliflower rice 
16. Black bean spinach quesadilla 
17. Tuna on garden salad with boiled egg and potatoes
18. Balsamic chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and broccoli over quinoa
19. Pesto tilapia with cherry tomatoes, cauliflower over rice
20. Asian chicken with broccoli and rice 

Snacks (Sample menu)

1. Peanut butter, oatmeal, honey protein bars

2. Date balls with chia seeds, coconut oil, and granola

3. Flourless cocoa, zucchini muffins

4. Apple, walnut, cinnamon whole wheat muffins

5. Banana & egg pancakes

6. No bake date brownies

7. Tahini cookies

8. Flourless peanut butter cookies

9. Oatmeal and banana muffins

10. Egg & vegetable muffins

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